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You opened the page huh? What a Rebel.

Can you blame me? I had to leave my mark some way. 

Evan Mayo


Evan is a former intern at Griffin Riley who is responsible for helping with miscellaneous tasks in business dealings as well as objectives within the office. In his tenor at Griffin Riley he was responsible for learning the industries trade, helping others when needed as well as designing and building this website.
Born in Chicago and raised in Kansas Evan goes to KU, pursuing degrees in Business Management, Communications as well as Fine Arts. Evan is passionate about the arts, outdoor activities and cars. With his degrees and experience he hopes to get a foot into the Commercial industry and make a name for himself someday. With summer ending, marking his return to college for the semester, Evan will be gone but not forgotten and dearly missed among the team.

Some art I did on a slow day

Spooky AHHH

Thank you for stopping by! I worked hard on this website so I hope you enjoy it